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February 2017

Tangerine Sour Cream Bundt Cake


Are you looking for an easy, delicious and moist cake? Then you are lucky. It’s not a typical bundt cake, it just has its form. The tangerines make it really juicy and kind of awaken the Spring feeling. Looking forward to what you say!

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Classic Cottage Pie

Prettaly_CottagePie_Steps.jpgOh the memories, oh such comfort food. Love this dish – a classic in my mom’s repertoire up until now. One of the favorite dishes we wish for, when we come home to visit.

There are two ways to prepare the cottage pie – either you prepare everything from scratch or you buy frozen veggies and ready-made mashed potatoes. Surely helpful when you are in a hurry and don’t have time to prepare everything freshly…

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Peanut Butter Heart Cookies for Valentines Day


It’s nearly Valentine’s Day again and preparing something homemade with lots of love is always a nice gift or gesture. And cookies are always a good idea…

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Mascarpone Cream with Kaki Fruit


Desserts are more or less my favorite part of a dinner. I would actually leave out the starter to keep room for the finale – the dessert!

The Kaki (persimmon) is a sweet and slightly tangy fruit available in different sorts, I like the harder ones best, that have a consistency of an apple. It comes from China I think and apparently has great mystical powers to help against headaches, back pains and foot aches (according to some rural parts of China, as read in a Wikipedia article). So actually you are doing your body some good with this dessert! Haha!

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