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August 2016

Lemon Basil Butter


When BBQ-ing, you always need sauces and dips for the meat as well as the corn-on-the-cobs. Try this very easy homemade butter which only needs 3 ingredients – well and salt and pepper!

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Potato Salad With Avocado Dressing & Almonds


Potato salads are a little difficult I find. I am not a big fan of dressings drenched in mayonnaise (not that I don’t love mayonnaise, but I save my portion when eating with french fries) and often its rather tricky to prepare a real good potato salad. So I experimented a little and I think it turned out really well , combining one of my favorite ingredients – the avocado – into a dressing for the potatoes! Hope you like it!

See how to prepare here: Continue reading “Potato Salad With Avocado Dressing & Almonds”

Italian Chicken Artichoke Tomato Casserole


Weekday dinners are sometimes hard to think of I find. You often don’t feel like really cooking in the evening after a long day at work. At least that’s how I feel. So I have secretly gotten fond of preparing dinners that actually do all the work for you. You just need to combine all the ingredients and then everything goes into the oven. Plus its also good to prepare for a bunch of people or just for two. And this dish being green white and red, just makes it look beautiful!

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Avocado Cucumber Feta Summer Salad


Summer is finally here (maybe not today, but in genreal) and at least I am craving light and fresh salads. This is a green summery mix and can be either served as a starter or as a side. A nice variation is to prepare the salad as is with quinoa to make it a little more nourishing.

See how to make this summer salad here: Continue reading “Avocado Cucumber Feta Summer Salad”

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