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Tomato Chutney

This year we had soooo many tomatoes on out balcony, we really needed to find ways (next to snacking and eating) to use them! And what better to make than chutney out of your own harvest?

See what you need to do here:

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Cream Cheese Dip with Tomatoes & Cashews

We were invited to a BBQ at friends and were served this delicious dip. Of course I needed the recipe right away and it’s a delight! A definite must-try and ideal for a BBQ or dip for bread.

See what you need to prepare:

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Delicious Cream Cheese Dip with Spring Onion & Walnuts

Oh my do I just love this super simple and absolutely delicious dip. Whether for a BBQ as a sauce for the meat, as dip for bread or for roasted potatoes. I adore it, plus the simplicity of preparation.

See the 3 ingredients here and how to prepare:

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Pasta with Pesto Rosso

Pasta is just one of the best inventions ever. Just plain with butter and parmesan cheese or with all the variations of sauces that are possible. This Pesto Rosso is a very nice alternative to the typical “normal” pesto Genovese. It’s great as a dip with some crackers or grissini, as well as on pasta. Simple to make and ideal to store for a few days in the fridge.

See how to prepare here:

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Avocado Pesto

As you already know I am one of the greatest avocado lovers in the whole wide world. So an Avocado Pesto was just the thing I needed to try. It’s ideal to spread on a piece of bread, use as a dip or add to a pasta dish – stay tuned…this recipe is prepared for next week 🙂

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Tuna Salad


Summer is here and the weather is super nice and hot here. But what is best to eat in these temperatures? I suggest this very easy to prepare tuna salad. Ideal to take to the swimming pool or Badi (the swimming baths around the Zurich lake) or as a light evening meal, combined with lettuce hearts (to dip!) or with Pita bread (or normal bread of course).

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Wild Garlic & Lemon Pesto


It’s all around at the moment: wild garlic! It looks like beautiful white flowers with lots of green around them.
The really nice thing about wild garlic is that it has a very nice and herby taste, not as strong as normal garlic and the best part about it – you don’t have that typical smell on you the next day.
We served the pesto with fresh white asparagus. But it also matches great with meat or as a pasta sauce!

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Pumpkin Seed Cream Cheese Spread


I first got to know this absolutely delicious spread during a dinner of a very good Austrian friend of mine. She served this as an appetizer everyone adored it! It’s typical in the «Steiermark» region of Austria.

By the way – should you have any left, it’s a perfect addition to the breakfast or brunch table! Or just prepare half of the amount for a smaller portion, just for the family.

Find the easy recipe here:

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The best Vinaigrette Sauce


This is the best recipe for a Vinaigrette Sauce. Perfect for any kind of salads or vegetables. I use for asparagus, for potato salad or as a dressing for any other vegetable you desire.

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