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Avocado Pesto

As you already know I am one of the greatest avocado lovers in the whole wide world. So an Avocado Pesto was just the thing I needed to try. It’s ideal to spread on a piece of bread, use as a dip or add to a pasta dish – stay tuned…this recipe is prepared for next week 🙂

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Tuna Salad


Summer is here and the weather is super nice and hot here. But what is best to eat in these temperatures? I suggest this very easy to prepare tuna salad. Ideal to take to the swimming pool or Badi (the swimming baths around the Zurich lake) or as a light evening meal, combined with lettuce hearts (to dip!) or with Pita bread (or normal bread of course).

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Wild Garlic & Lemon Pesto


It’s all around at the moment: wild garlic! It looks like beautiful white flowers with lots of green around them.
The really nice thing about wild garlic is that it has a very nice and herby taste, not as strong as normal garlic and the best part about it – you don’t have that typical smell on you the next day.
We served the pesto with fresh white asparagus. But it also matches great with meat or as a pasta sauce!

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Pumpkin Seed Cream Cheese Spread


I first got to know this absolutely delicious spread during a dinner of a very good Austrian friend of mine. She served this as an appetizer everyone adored it! It’s typical in the «Steiermark» region of Austria.

By the way – should you have any left, it’s a perfect addition to the breakfast or brunch table! Or just prepare half of the amount for a smaller portion, just for the family.

Find the easy recipe here:

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The best Vinaigrette Sauce


This is the best recipe for a Vinaigrette Sauce. Perfect for any kind of salads or vegetables. I use for asparagus, for potato salad or as a dressing for any other vegetable you desire.

See how it’s done here: Continue reading “The best Vinaigrette Sauce”

Italian Bolognese Sauce

A few weeks ago I teased you guys with an upcoming recipe for the best (at least in my eyes) Bolognese sauce. The special trick is the lemon. It gives the sauce a very fresh taste and is just to die for.
See the recipe here:

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