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October 2015

Cauliflower & Chickpea Stew with Couscous


As you already know I am a big fan of healthy, easy and quick recipes – here comes the next one. It’s simple but everyone really likes it. Plus it is a vegetarian recipe, which is still a real meal and doesn’t leave you hungry. Have fun and enjoy! And happy weekend!

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nitens – Great Fish-Restaurant in Viareggio


During our last trips to Tuscany, we never left out a dinner at this delicious restaurant. nitens has a very cosy, but modern inside. A window at the end of the restaurant allows you to peek into the tiny kitchen, where the cooks prepare the wonderful meals! The waiters are very attentive and friendly and recommend good wines from the region, without trying to sell you the most expensive one!

In the summer they have a small terrace with a few tables outside on their “porch”. Even though the restaurant is not directly located at the ocean, you still feel that it is close.

We have tried various starters and main courses over the years and all of them were absolutely delicious and can be recommended. The fresh seafood platter is spectacular, but also the millefeuille branzino e patate is great and the tonno in crosta di pistacchi is just mouth-watering. Great, now I’m hungry and craving for the millefeuille!

We usually never stay for desert, where the waiters are at first irritated, but when they hear why we are not staying, it’s the best and only excuse they allow: Cremeria Emma – the best ice-cream parlor in the whole of Tuscany (at least for me) which is just around the corner. Try the pinoli flavor (pine nut)! A perfect finish to a perfect day.

Apple-Roses Tart


A beautiful tart for a special occasion (or just like that)! I however have to admit, that it does take a little patience to get it ready, but the result is a very delicious and very ‘pretty’ dessert.

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Fast & easy Pumpkin Coconut Soup


Autumn for me is always connected to falling leaves, apples and pumpkins. Here is an ‘autumnly’ pumpkin soup with a little coconut twist. Perfect for the weekend!

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Lots and lots of lavender wands

Lavender Wands

I’ve been very hard-working during my (unfortunately very short) summer vacation this year and have done lots and lots of weaving. See the result in the picture! I now have a pastel-color-palette of the lavender wands – in lilac, rosé, mint green, apricot and cream. Any color you’d like to see? Will have to add that into the mix for next year – suggestions welcome! Which one do you like best? And if you’d like to buy one (or more), just drop me a line.

Sweet Truffles – 7g of perfection


Yummy, yummier, yummiest. This weekend I went to a gourmet fair called gourmesse in Zurich, Switzerland. Next to delicious chocolate, wine, bread, vegan and pasta stands (and lots more), there was also an Italian stand that presented their tartufi – small chocolate truffles. The colorful packaging directly caught my eye and made me stop. The company is called Tartuflanghe and was the world’s first to reinterpret the traditional 14g praline size to an adorable 7g mini format in 2007 and as of this year the truffle has a new packaging and its own name: Trifulòt.
My absolute favorite flavor is Pistacchio – made of Sicilian pistachios that are only harvested every 2 years, making them super special. The result is a sweet taste, mixed with a tiny tang of salt. Absolutely delumcious (if you are wondering what that word means – a combo of delicious and scrumptious, a word we used as kids that probably only English kids would know)! These goodies are available at Jelmoli in Switzerland. And they have 3 flavors as limited edition: Rose (loved this one!), Saffron and Cardamom.

Cutest little Bar in Verona


Hello hello! Remember I mentioned that really cute bar (Osteria Zampieri la Mandorla) in Verona, prior to going to the opera? Well – I was there again this September and enjoyed a few (!) Aperol Spritz before going to see Verdi’s Nabucco (loved it!)! I took a few pictures this time to give you a better idea of how the bar looks inside. This year round, it really started raining cats & dogs in the evening and we weren’t sure if we could go see the opera, but just in time it stopped raining. We were more or less the last ones to go into the arena and I think the only ones that were not soaking wet! The opera experience was just overwhelming once again (I’ve been visiting Verona for the past 5 years!). Especially listing to the “Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves” gives you goose bumps – so beautiful!

Filo Pastry Rolls with Feta, Pine Nuts, Thyme & Honey


Very easy and very delicious appetizer, starter or addition to a salad. Can be enjoyed any time of the year! And yes, you are right – pine nuts and feta in a recipe after each other – but hey, I love the combination!

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