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July 2016

Couscous with Mediterranean Vegetables


Loving oven-roasted vegetables of any sort, this is a great salad or side dish for a BBQ. You can of course also vary with other vegetables like bell peppers or fennel. Whatever you feel like!

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The Best Apple Cake


Apple cake is always a good idea. Its fresh, tasty and easy to prepare! I have slightly adapted one of our family recipes. Hope you like it too! You can use a bundt form or any other baking form you want. Depending on the size, either the apples stay on top or (like mine this time) covers up the apples. Either way, the cake turns into a moist and absolutely delicious delight.

See the easy recipe here: Continue reading “The Best Apple Cake”

Roasted Potatoes with Kräuterquark


Kräuterquark kind of resembles sour cream with chives (with more herbs). «Kräuter» in German translates to «herbs» in English. I love to combine it with roasted or cooked potatoes and with meat as a sauce (yeah, summer is back this weekend!). Plus it is great as a dip for veggies at a party!

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Easy Coconut Cake – Bôlo de Côco


Summer has finally arrived!! And we are always looking for desserts that are lighter and also practical to take along if you are invited or on the way to a picnic. Give this delicious moist coconut cake a try!  It originates from Brasil and is called «Bôlo de Côco». And another plus: it’s gluten free!! Best is to use a bundt form for preparation.

See the super simple recipe here: Continue reading “Easy Coconut Cake – Bôlo de Côco”

Melanzane alla Parmigiana (Italian eggplant, tomato & cheese casserole)


Being an Italy fan, I really enjoy the Italian food. This time I made an Italian eggplant, tomato and cheese casserole. It’s one of my favorites and actually not really difficult to prepare. Often I even prepare as a casserole a day before serving as it gets better every time you heat it! It’s perfect as a weekday dinner, but also great when served as a side dish to a steak or a BBQ.

See how to prepare this recipe here: Continue reading “Melanzane alla Parmigiana (Italian eggplant, tomato & cheese casserole)”

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