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December 2017

Pasta with Tomato-Sage-Bacon Sauce on



Delicious! That’s what I can say to this recipe. I am always on the lookout for fairly easy and fast to prepare recipes, especially to prepare on weekday evenings, when I come home from work, put the little one to bed and then still need to prepare dinner. Those recipes come in really handy…

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Christmas Cookie Compilation


If you haven’t managed to take a look at each Christmas cookie recipe I posted in the last years, I prepared a «Best Christmas Cookies Compilation» for you.

Happy Holidays and all the best for the New Year!!

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Chicken & Mushroom Stroganoff


It’s getting colder outside and at least I am craving warmer food in the evenings. Next to delicious soups, a stroganoff is an ideal addition to the dinner menu. It’s fast and easy to prepare.

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Bread & Butter Pudding


The perfect comfort food and ideal to get rid of any leftover bread. We had a Swiss cheese fondue evening lately and had a lot of bite sized bread bits left. So on the Sunday evening it was Bread & Butter Pudding time! Fairly easy to prepare and you have most ingredients at home, I would guess.

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Fried Salad with Soft-Boiled Egg & Bacon


Some time ago I stumbled over this interesting way of preparing salad. What I like is the fact, that it’s a light dinner, easy to prepare and still you have something warm in your tummy on these colder days heading towards Christmas (and all the deliciousness that goes with it). Works really well with a fried egg too! Give it a try!

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