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April 2017

Potato & Egg Casserole

Easter time has passed and sometimes you just have too many eggs left, that you had colored and boiled especially. But what can you do with all the eggs? Here is a nice and simple recipe to use up all the excessive eggs and is perfect for the whole family!

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Banana Bread with Chocolate


The best banana bread just got even better! I was inspired by a friend who added lovely chunky bits of dark chocolate to the mix and it was absolutely delicious. Give it a try!

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Fairy Kiss Cookies (Toffifee Feenküsse)


Very close friends here in Zurich are absolutely addicted to a German Toffee-Chocolate sweet called «Toffifee». They are very sweet and if you are honest don´t actually need a cookie around them, but when I discovered this recipe I just had to surprise my friends and give it a try. Toffifee consist of toffee/caramel and chocolate, filled with nougat and a hazelnut…

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Sweet Potato and Ground Meat Casserole


I’ve always been a big fan of ground meat, especially in a casserole style. The sweet potatoes give this recipe a special sweetness and makes it a little different to other tastes you usually experience. And the cheese on top is yummy scrummy. A perfect comfort food for an easy weekday dinner at home or ideal for kids…

See how to prepare here: Continue reading “Sweet Potato and Ground Meat Casserole”

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