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June 2016

«Hugo» Cake (Elderflower & Prosecco)


It was THE drink in Europe a few years ago – The Hugo. Very easy to prepare: you just need prosecco, elderflower syrup and mint leaves. And ice cubes of course. Still one of my absolute favorite drinks. With the elderflowers blooming all around, I decided to make a Hugo cake together with a close friend, whilst drinking Hugo of course. And guess what – it turned out great! A delicious and fluffy (but not dry) cake.

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Easy Cajun Drumsticks, Sweet Potatoes & Avocado


For this recipe I combined a variety of spices, adapting the recipe from a German cooking magazine. My trick – use the same spice mixture and spice fish or vegetables with it!
The good thing about this recipe is, that it mainly cooks for you and you can prepare the rest – or watch the match, while cooking for a bunch of hungry friends, while still being able to watch the game yourself!

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Quark with Blueberries & Roasted Pine Nuts


Looking for a fast, easy and delicious dessert idea? Well here you are. Very fresh, especially for sunny BBQ-days and has this little extra twist with the roasted pine nuts. Perfectly easy to prepare before the guests arrive (just cool in the fridge) and it’s not as heavy, so a really nice finish to a dinner or BBQ.

Here is the recipe: Continue reading “Quark with Blueberries & Roasted Pine Nuts”

Green Asparagus with Fried Eggs


As I have already mentioned, asparagus is a big thing here. For a little variation, try this recipe. It’s simple, healthy and fast to prepare, which is a big help on weekday nights (or any other night) if you are hungry and don’t feel like making a big fuss on preparing anything. The good thing is, there is no need to peel the green asparagus!

Find the recipe here: Continue reading “Green Asparagus with Fried Eggs”

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