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Quiche with Goat Cheese & Figs, Prociutto, Honey & Walnuts

We are enjoying our lovely family vacation in the beautiful house of my in-laws in Tuscany. They not only have a great pool, donkeys, a tractor (yes, all the things my little one adores), but also fig trees in the garden. And lucky enough – we just harvested the last figs of the season! So what else could I have done than directly prepare a meal with them included?

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Walnut Pie

Thanksgiving has already passed by, but this walnut pie is something that makes my heart jump as a dessert throughout autumn and winter time. It’s fairly simple to prepare and an absolute delight in combination with vanilla ice cream!!

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Salmon, Spinach & Feta Quiche

The more I make quiches, the more I love them. It’s just such a perfect combination – easy to make, you can eat it warm or cold and you can pre-prepare them! This version with salmon, spinach and feta is very fresh and ideal for these warm and sunny temperatures.

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Ricotta, Spinach, Mint & Bacon Quiche

As mentioned a few weeks ago, we had a quiche dinner and tried out a few different variations! This is the other one we tried which tasted really fresh with the mint inside. Give it a try!

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Fennel & Blue Cheese Quiche

We had a quiche dinner lately and tried out a few different variations! That’s really the great thing about quiches. And new to me was to use puff pastry as dough on the bottom – plus it saves you time if you buy it! Definitely a version for grown-ups with the blue cheese. Give it a try!

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Zucchini & Bacon Quiche with Tomatoes

Quiche is a dish that is just ideal. You can serve it warm or cold. You can eat as dinner with a salad for example, it’s ideal to take along to a picnic, perfect for a brunch or just as a snack. An absolute multi-purpose food! You can save it for a day or two (and either eat cold or re-heat in the oven).

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Sfoglia alla Valdostana


Sometimes its just super nice to reminisce about the last vacation you had…and for me this involves the thought of a delicious Valdostana. Last time I enjoyed a piece was at the pool side for lunch in Italy. But what is a Valdostana? It’s a puff pastry quiche style dish filled with ham and cheese. Perfect to go with a green or cucumber salad.

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Pumpkin Pie with Pumpkin Seed Brittle


October and November are the typical autumn months and this year round, we have been really lucky with the weather. Beautiful «Indian summer» just outside the window. And to reflect the colors, I made a tasty pumpkin pie! Perfect for a Thanksgiving dinner or just like that!

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