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Little Pastry Appetizer with Funghi Porcini & Truffles

I can’t believe I haven’t been preparing this so much earlier. One of the most simple yet delicious appetizers that are prepared in no time! You only need a square sheet of puff pastry and a spread of your choice (I happened to have Funghi Porcini & truffles spread in the house). And you are just about done. Will definitely repeat with a artichoke spread or just a pesto with cheese sprinkled on top…

This is how you do it:

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Cinnamon Quark with Plums

One of my favorite recipes during the autumn season is this easy Quark & Plum dessert. I love the sweetness of the plums and the beautiful color in combination with the slightly cinnamon-spiced Quark. Not only can you end a dinner with this as a dessert, no, you can also eat as a snack in between or for breakfast.

See how the prepare here:

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Simple & Healthy Breakfast: Pineapple & Cottage Cheese

Years ago a few of my friends wanted to lose weight and started a diet. And if I remember correctly, the recipe actually is one from Weight Watchers. In any case, its simple, healthy and best of all: delicious and fast to prepare. And you only need 2 ingredients!

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Goat Cheese & Date Squares

Sometimes I just want a little something extra next to a salad. These little squares are ideal for that craving. Quite simple to prepare and they taste warm and cold (even though I prefer warm)! Give them a try!

See how to make here:

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D E L I C I O U S. Need say no more. Ok, I will. These Italian little meatballs are just to die for. Typically eaten as antipasti, in our family we also like to eat them as a main course together with some veggies (e.g. broccoli, green beans, salad, etc.). They take a moment to prepare, but they are definitely worth it. I learned how to make them by a real Italian.

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Currant Muffins

Currants are such a delicious and beautiful looking berry. These muffins are simple to make and just look super nice with the little red dots. We have some growing in the garden, but they weren’t quite ripe just yet, so I used bought ones! But yummy scrummy in any case!

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Arancini Style Leftover Risotto Balls

Sometime I prepare a little too much Risotto and then I of course keep the leftovers. But the Risotto never tastes as good on the next day. So what should you do with the leftover Risotto? I have the solution: Risotto balls! Easy to make and very delicious!

See how to prepare them here:

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Lemon & Mascarpone Cake

It’s cake time! But you want a fresh alternative, with the temperatures rising and slowly but steadily turning into Spring / Summer time! This is an ideal cake that is moist and stays fresh for a few days. I really like it a lot!

See how to prepare here:

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Zucchini & Bacon Quiche with Tomatoes

Quiche is a dish that is just ideal. You can serve it warm or cold. You can eat as dinner with a salad for example, it’s ideal to take along to a picnic, perfect for a brunch or just as a snack. An absolute multi-purpose food! You can save it for a day or two (and either eat cold or re-heat in the oven).

See how to make here:

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