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November 2015

Oven-Tomato Soup


Usually, I am not the tomato soup fan, but this recipe caught my eye and so I tried it and now adore it! It’s how I imagine an Italian Mama preparing tomato soup – hmmmm….

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Pumpkin Pie with Pumpkin Seed Brittle


October and November are the typical autumn months and this year round, we have been really lucky with the weather. Beautiful «Indian summer» just outside the window. And to reflect the colors, I made a tasty pumpkin pie! Perfect for a Thanksgiving dinner or just like that!

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Lemon Crinkle Cookies


The baking season has nearly started, but its not yet cold enough for the comforting Christmas cookies, at least I think so. Instead, to get into the feeling, here is a recipe of lemon crinkle cookies, that are «lemony» fresh and don’t remind you of the holiday season just yet…

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Avocado-Walnut-Date Tart


As one of the biggest avocado lovers in the whole wide world (my friends can testify!), I just had to try this recipe. I found it while flipping through the Cosmopolitan magazine. A nutty, (I think vegan), fresh tart, which is just a little different than anything else you have probably had in the last months. Plus: no need to bake!

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