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January 2016

Italian Ricotta Cookies


Two weeks ago, a very close friend gave birth to her second son. Of course us girls went to visit her! And what better present can you bring than a box of homemade cookies to enjoy and chit chat over! You don’t need the pearls on top, but they just looked nice!

See the recipe here:

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Grappa Al Mulinetto


One of the rarest Grappas in the world. As rare as meeting a smoking zebra wearing a swallow-tailed coat and top hat – the story behind the very stylish label on the bottle. The Grappa is made out of sun-ripened Americana-grapes from Gordola, Ticino – the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. Only 200 bottles are produced every year.

The «Forum Suisse des Eaux-de-vie» has once again assigned this specialty with the «golden vignette».

The exclusive Grappa is sold together with a very nice silvery cork in a cotton pouch. You can purchase the Grappa Al Mulinetto here.

Italian Rigatoni Pasta Pie


Here goes a pasta dish that is perfect for people on a shoestring. It looks really fancy, but is in fact not much more than a pasta Bolognese (or tomato sauce, if you want a veggie version)! You use a spring-form pan, stand up all the rigatoni pasta in it and «fill» with tomato sauce and a mix of parmesan and mozzarella. There are 2 ways to make this – either you prepare the tomato sauce from scratch or you use your favorite bought jar of tomato sauce. Have fun!

Check out the recipe

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Sugared Cranberries


I stumbled over this recipe and just loved the look of these beautiful red berries, covered in sugar, making them look all wintery! Plus after trying them, I can proudly say they are as tasty as they look! By the way, got these super beautiful Le Creuset heart-shaped baking forms from lovely friends for Christmas! Thanks again – love them!!

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Gennarro’s – Great Italian Restaurant in Frankfurt


A few years ago I lived in Frankfurt, Germany. A great and quite international city, often referred to as «Mainhatten» due to the skyscraper skyline and the city being located at the river «Main»!
Gennaro’s is a very nice restaurant in «Sachsenhausen», which is the name of the city district. Gennaro, an Italian himself, is the owner of the place and he is usually present in the restaurant. He just makes the place wonderful with his open and warm-hearted attitude. It is cosy, but also modern inside, with lots of small nice details, like the napkin holders, that are made of old wine corks with a cord (great to copy!). We have tried various starters, main courses and deserts over the years and all of them were absolutely delicious and can be recommended. My personal favorite are the Tortelloni filled with prosciutto and figs with a lemon-leek-sauce. The fillet of beef carpaccio is a classic. The fish and meat dishes are very good. Usually they have a chocolate fondant (lava cake) as a dessert – but you need to let them know in advance, when ordering the main dishes, that they save one for you! In the summer they have a nice terrace with a few tables outside on their porch.

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