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Rhubarb Razzmatazz: 3 Pink Spring Drinks


A pink drink is always a good idea. And with rhubarb around everywhere, it is just a must to give these 2 cocktails or this 1 mocktail a try! Plus, you can «re-use» the rhubarb purée for a delicious dessert on top! Stay tuned for the recipe!

A wise man once said: if you really want to know if a drink is a good one, check if it tastes as an alcohol-free drink and then you have the answer. Cheers!

The drinks are also featured on the Blog Drinks & Style. Check it out and find some more inspiration…

See how to make these beautiful pink drinks here:

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Grappa Al Mulinetto


One of the rarest Grappas in the world. As rare as meeting a smoking zebra wearing a swallow-tailed coat and top hat – the story behind the very stylish label on the bottle. The Grappa is made out of sun-ripened Americana-grapes from Gordola, Ticino – the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. Only 200 bottles are produced every year.

The «Forum Suisse des Eaux-de-vie» has once again assigned this specialty with the «golden vignette».

The exclusive Grappa is sold together with a very nice silvery cork in a cotton pouch. You can purchase the Grappa Al Mulinetto here.

Harry’s Bar – Where the «Bellini» was invented


Yes, it’s what the legend says. Bellini was invented at Harry’s Bar in Venice sometime in the 30ies/40ies by Giuseppe Cipriani. Bellini is a cocktail which is made of Prosecco or Champagne, mixed with white peach purée. The unique rosé color of the drink apparently reminded Giuseppe of the toga of a saint in a painting by the Venetian artist Giovanni Bellini, so he named the cocktail after him. Usually bar tenders prepare the drink in champagne glasses, but Harry’s bar serves their signature drink in small water glasses! The place is packed with lots of Italians and tourists and is just an “it place”, since it was opened in 1931. A definite must incl. sipping a Bellini, when you are in Venice…



Naranzaria – wine bar in Venice


Unlike the usual tourists that visit Venice in Spring or Summer, we flew to this beautiful city end of November for a long weekend. Venice is just picturesque, with the Grand Canal, the incredible palazzi along the water, all the small bridges through the town and beautiful churches and market squares. Venice really has a magic touch to it!
Next to all the great places to visit and admire, you can also drink and eat your way around Venice, so I will be featuring a few tips and ideas here!
The first cool place is «Naranzaria»: A cute little wine bar just around the corner from the famous Rialto bridge, with a terrace overlooking the Grand Canal. Perfect for a drink (or two…) and traditional snack, which you can choose from the glass display inside the bar. Enjoy the view and wave to the gondolas passing by…

Cutest little Bar in Verona


Hello hello! Remember I mentioned that really cute bar (Osteria Zampieri la Mandorla) in Verona, prior to going to the opera? Well – I was there again this September and enjoyed a few (!) Aperol Spritz before going to see Verdi’s Nabucco (loved it!)! I took a few pictures this time to give you a better idea of how the bar looks inside. This year round, it really started raining cats & dogs in the evening and we weren’t sure if we could go see the opera, but just in time it stopped raining. We were more or less the last ones to go into the arena and I think the only ones that were not soaking wet! The opera experience was just overwhelming once again (I’ve been visiting Verona for the past 5 years!). Especially listing to the “Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves” gives you goose bumps – so beautiful!

Enjoy an Aperol Spritz in Verona


Visit Verona – the city of Romeo & Juliet. It’s a beautiful town, lots of small alleyways and tiny streets with lovely shops. Definitely go to the opera! Insider tip: book the “cheap” seats where you sit on the stones and bring your own wine (careful – you need to fill the wine into plastic bottles – no glass allowed!) and cheese or snacks to enjoy while watching the opera! And prior to going into the arena, enjoy a drink (or two or three…) at the cute little bar, just 150m away in the Via Alberto Mario, directly opposite the Hotel Bologna. They have a fantastic Aperol Spritz, served in fancy marmelade glasses!

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