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Christmas Crumble

Crumbles are always a super easy yet super delicious dessert. This version with the cinnamon and the lovely red color gives it a ‘christmassy’ touch!

See how to make here:

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Magenbrot (similarities with Gingerbread)

A delicious speciality you often come across on Christmas markets! It’s a small, sweet chocolate glazed biscuit that shares similarities with a gingerbread cookie. A friend made it herself lately and I adored it – so of course I had to repeat myself! Absolutely recommendable as a lovely snack during the Christmas season!

See how to prepare here:

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Easy Ice-Cream with Chocolate Cover

Simple yet perfect for a quick, delicious and easy dessert. Inspired by Jamie Oliver, this dessert is the ideal end to a lovely meal. Plus you can use any chocolate you want – Daim, Bounty, Snickers, Mars…

Here is the most easy guidance:

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Non Bake Cookies

Delicious, sweet and very quick to make. I first got introduced to this delightfulness at our American friends who lived in England at the same time as we did! We used to bake from time to time when we were there and I always loved it. And this recipe is cool, as you don’t even need an oven, as the title already suggests.

Here is what you need:

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Delicious Chocolate Muffins

This is a great muffin recipe, you don’t even need a kitchen machine to prepare. The ingredients just need to be mixed together shortly and you are ready. And the best thing is, they are quickly prepared!

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German Waffles

This is just one of the best snacks and a family favorite. A perfect treat on the weekend or for a birthday party (yes, wouldn’t we all just love to celebrate again…). Anyway, lovely to prepare in these special times and so simple to make.

See how to prepare here:

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Sweet Chestnut Cake (Marronikuchen)

It’s (getting) cold outside and the cake and cookie season has started! This cake is deliciously soggy on the inside, moist and just absolutely scrumptious! I first tried it at a friends place and have adapted it a little – here is my version…

See what you need here:

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Moist Chocolate Cake

I just love juicy and moist chocolate cake. And this cake really ticks all the boxes…

Super easy to prepare, no flour needed and chocolatey and pure bliss.

The recipe is from close friends of ours who kindly let me post it!

And the cool thing is, the cake is super delicious when served from the fridge the next couple of days too!!

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German Cheesecake – Käsekuchen

My husband had his birthday lately and he asked me to prepare a German Cheesecake – Käsekuchen! It is completely different to the typical American Cheesecake. Instead of using a cream cheese the main ingredient is ‘Quark’ (curd). It’s creamy and delicious! My brother found this recipe years ago and the whole family adores the cake!

See how to prepare:

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