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Walnut Pie

Thanksgiving has already passed by, but this walnut pie is something that makes my heart jump as a dessert throughout autumn and winter time. It’s fairly simple to prepare and an absolute delight in combination with vanilla ice cream!!

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American Pancakes

When I was a child we lived in the US and ever since I have just loved American Pancakes with Maple Syrup!! This is my moms recipe and all of us kids (and grownups) can’t get enough. And the best thing is, that they are ridiculously easy to prepare. Ideal for a brunch or just as a treat for oneself.

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Quick Apple Cake

Quick and easy: This Apple Cake is a delicious variation to other apples cakes. It gives a bit of a feeling of a nice and thick pancake! I really like it and perfect to give the apple season a little variation.

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Cinnamon Quark with Plums

One of my favorite recipes during the autumn season is this easy Quark & Plum dessert. I love the sweetness of the plums and the beautiful color in combination with the slightly cinnamon-spiced Quark. Not only can you end a dinner with this as a dessert, no, you can also eat as a snack in between or for breakfast.

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Simple & Healthy Breakfast: Pineapple & Cottage Cheese

Years ago a few of my friends wanted to lose weight and started a diet. And if I remember correctly, the recipe actually is one from Weight Watchers. In any case, its simple, healthy and best of all: delicious and fast to prepare. And you only need 2 ingredients!

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Currant Muffins

Currants are such a delicious and beautiful looking berry. These muffins are simple to make and just look super nice with the little red dots. We have some growing in the garden, but they weren’t quite ripe just yet, so I used bought ones! But yummy scrummy in any case!

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Easy Cherry Cake

Easter is around the corner and you always need a backup plan if relatives or friends come by unannounced (or announced and you forgot to prepare for that). This easy cherry cake is super quick to make and except for the eggs, you should have everything in the house…

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Bread & Butter Pudding


The perfect comfort food and ideal to get rid of any leftover bread. We had a Swiss cheese fondue evening lately and had a lot of bite sizes bread bits left. So on the Sunday evening it was Bread & Butter Pudding time! Fairly easy to prepare and you have most ingredients at home, I would guess.

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Apple Crumble

IMG_0090Yummy scrummy and sooo easy! Apple Crumble is just one of the best desserts in the world. You only need a few ingredients and you are ready. We had quite some BBQ dinners lately and if you want to pre-prepare a little something sweet for afterwards, this is ideal. You can just toss it in the oven, once all the BBQ veggies from the oven for dinner are ready…plus this dessert just walks me down memory lane once again…

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