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July 2017

German Pancakes (Pfannkuchen)


Another lovely walk down memory lane…as children (and up to today) I adore German pancakes – they are a little different from the American version (which are much more fluffy) and also different to the French crepes, which are super thin.

You can prepare them sweet and salty – for example with a little cheese inside and / or ham. Or for the sweet version with apple sauce, a mix of cinnamon and sugar, Nutella, marmalade or my favorite with butter and sugar on top! Yum!!

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Bacon-wrapped Green Beans


Not sure why, but since I was pregnant with my little son, I am kind of obsessed with bacon. I love it in salads, wrapped with dates or now as another nice and tasty alternative with green beans. It just gives every meal a little something extra…

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Saltimbocca alla Romana


This is an Italian classic – originating from Rome. It consists of practically only 3 ingredients but is pure perfection for your taste buds…
It’s fairly simple to prepare and due to the thin slices of veal, the cooking time is really short, which is very helpful when preparing for guests (or hungry family)!

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Tuna Salad


Summer is here and the weather is super nice and hot here. But what is best to eat in these temperatures? I suggest this very easy to prepare tuna salad. Ideal to take to the swimming pool or Badi (the swimming baths around the Zurich lake) or as a light evening meal, combined with lettuce hearts (to dip!) or with Pita bread (or normal bread of course).

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4th of July Watermelon, Feta & Blueberry Snack


Red, white and blue – 4th of July is nearly here. Don’t know what to prepare yet? Here is an inspiration with the right colors! When we lived in the US, the best thing was the fireworks on the 4th of July (and that its one week before my birthday – and I still love birthdays…). I used to lay on my back and stare into the sky. The blue and golden fireworks are my favorite – up to today!!

See how to prepare here: Continue reading “4th of July Watermelon, Feta & Blueberry Snack”

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