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June 2017

Watermelon, Goat Cheese & Spinach Summer Salad


Wow – what a taste explosion! We had a girls night out lately and my friend made this wonderful salad. I changed a few bits and pieces, but kept the general idea…alternatively you can use rocket salad and walnuts instead of baby spinach and Pecan nuts.
Super fresh. Ideal for summer and I just can’t get enough!!

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Melon, Blueberry & Feta Salad


Lovely warm evenings and hot days ahead! How better to cool down with a fresh, delicious and fruity salad? Give this specifically easy salad a try. Only 3 ingredients!

Here is what you need: Continue reading “Melon, Blueberry & Feta Salad”

Coconut Rice Pudding


The taste and smell of coconut always reminds me of vacation. Somewhere a little exotic…not sure about you, but if we travel anywhere, where you can get a fresh coconut to drink, I’m the first to grab it! Super refreshing and just mind-blowing delicious!
So why not combine this summer feeling with one of my favorite comfort foods?
So this was a try and I just adore it! Hope you like it too!

See how to prepare here: Continue reading “Coconut Rice Pudding”

Creamy Raspberry Quark


A delicious, yet simple dessert or breakfast. The quark is light (the less sugar you add) and you can combine it with any fruit or cereal you like. Ideal as a quick snack too. The sparkling water makes the consistency super creamy! Give it a whirl!

See how to make here:

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