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August 2015

Zucchini Feta Salad with Pine Nuts


The perfectly refreshing summer starter for warm days. The fresh mint and lemon give this dish a wonderful lightness.

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Enjoy an Aperol Spritz in Verona


Visit Verona – the city of Romeo & Juliet. It’s a beautiful town, lots of small alleyways and tiny streets with lovely shops. Definitely go to the opera! Insider tip: book the “cheap” seats where you sit on the stones and bring your own wine (careful – you need to fill the wine into plastic bottles – no glass allowed!) and cheese or snacks to enjoy while watching the opera! And prior to going into the arena, enjoy a drink (or two or three…) at the cute little bar, just 150m away in the Via Alberto Mario, directly opposite the Hotel Bologna. They have a fantastic Aperol Spritz, served in fancy marmelade glasses!

Steakhouse & winebar in Gualdo


A real insider tip: the restaurant La Piazetta (steakhouse e winebar) in Gualdo di Massarosa. Gualdo is a tiny town on top of a hill, that actually mainly only consists of a church, where you can have dinner on the churchyard (careful: take a jacket or scarf, it can be quite windy) with a great view and it is just very Italian. Not fancy, but fun and original. The bistecca alla fiorentina is pure goodness and enjoy the “panzerottis” (delicious pizza dough bits) as an appetizer. And wait until you hear the first sound of the church clock – it might kick you off of your chair! La Piazzetta

Best Italian ice-cream in Tuscany


I have to admit it: I am an absolute ice-cream addict and when anyone says they can only eat one scoop, the only thing I feel is pure astonishment. The only reason I (very rarely) only order one scoop is to not feel like the greedy little piggy. Anyway, if you visit Tuscany, you need to urgently visit Viareggio. Not only is this a very interesting ship manufacture town, where (I am guessing) Berlusconi lets his private yacht be created. You NEED to go to the absolute delicious ice-cream parlor called “Cremeria Emma” (Via Euro Menini, 8, 55049 Viareggio LU, Italy). It is a pure delight and I can never choose which of the many flavors I want to eat. So I usually order an extra take-away bucket to take home. Yummy scrummy!!! But one of my favorites is “Pinoli” – pine nut.

Blog adventure


So, this is my first try at blogging, so bear with me, if some things are not yet going that smoothly!

Lavender wands


Lavender wands or “coeur de lavande” are hand made out of fresh lavender, carefully weaving the stems with satin ribbons. They keep their lovely smell for years and if it should fade at some point, can easily be “reanimated” by carefully squeezing the bloom. Apparently they were once part of women’s dowry, but today, they are just beautiful decoration. You can add them to your laundry to keep away moths, decorate gifts or presents or just lay them in your home as decoration. I make these myself and if you are interested to purchase one (or more), just contact me!

The best ever Lemon Cake


You just have to try this. I think it is my favorite cake. And it is the best lemon cake, at least the best lemon cake I have ever tasted! Enjoy!!

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