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March 2018

Healthy Quinoa & Vegetable Soup

Spring is around the corner and at least for me, that heavy and warm soup time is more or less over now! I discovered this soup at a very good friend of mine and we prepared it together. A very light and delicious, fresh soup! Give it a try!

See how to make the soup here:

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Easy Cherry Cake

Easter is around the corner and you always need a backup plan if relatives or friends come by unannounced (or announced and you forgot to prepare for that). This easy cherry cake is super quick to make and except for the eggs, you should have everything in the house…

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Fennel & Blue Cheese Quiche

We had a quiche dinner lately and tried out a few different variations! That’s really the great thing about quiches. And new to me was to use puff pastry as dough on the bottom – plus it saves you time if you buy it! Definitely a version for grown-ups with the blue cheese. Give it a try!

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Winter Spinach, Couscous & Sweet Potato Salad

Another one of those days where I look into the fridge and need to find something to eat! And then this delicious winter salad was the result! The additional plus was that I also had some finger food for the baby 😉

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Zucchini, Minced Meat & Feta Casserole

Another light, quick and easy dinner recipe. With only 3 ingredients it’s an ideal weekday dinner that is ready in a flash, but gives you a little time to prepare the table, when it’s in the oven!

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