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May 2018

Pasta with Salsiccia Prociutella & Dried Tomatoes

We were in beautiful Italy a last week and in a small restaurant in Camaiore I was introduced to ‘Salsissia Prociutella’ – a funny sausage that was prepared in a pasta sauce. I immediately fell in love and prepared my own version at home…in memory of our vacation!

See how to make here:

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3 Ingredient Greek Style Salad

Mmmhhh! Love this fresh and easy to prepare salad. Perfect for the summer, as a main course or side for a BBQ. And you only need 3 ingredients!

See what you need to prepare here:

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Salad with Oatmeal-Breaded Chicken Nuggets

Shortly I was on a trip, coming home and at the airport I stumbled over a salad with chicken nuggets. Instantly I had a major craving for this, but – typical airport – they priced the salad super high and I just thought to myself: Oh well, then I know what’s on my menu the next week! And here we are! And I wanted to make a slightly different version of the chicken nuggets and prepared them with oatmeal-breading instead or “normal” breading. Well actually I did both! Haha! Continue reading “Salad with Oatmeal-Breaded Chicken Nuggets”

Ricotta-Spinach-Gnocchi with Lemon & Olive Oil Dressing

A very close friend and I made these funny little doughy dumplings lately. Fairly quick and fun to make and you have the healthy bit – the spinach – included already. But instead of making the gnocchi with potatoes the traditional way, we prepared them with ricotta! The lemon dressing is delicious and gives the gnocchi a very fresh and light flavor.

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