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December 2015

Oven roasted Cauliflower & Chickpeas with Mint-Yoghurt


Here goes another healthy, quick and simple recipe. The ingredients may remind you of another dish I posted, but it does taste different. I can also imagine this recipe for the summer.

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6 Best Christmas Cookies – Compilation


If you haven’t managed to take a look at each Christmas cookie recipe I posted, I prepared a «Best Christmas Cookies Compilation» for you.

Check out the recipes

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Spitzbuben – Sandwich Cookies (German Christmas Cookies)


This year I wanted to try some new Christmas cookies so I gave these a try and I think they turned out really nice! Also very traditional in Germany, Austria and Switzerland…

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Zimtspekulatius – traditional cinnamon-spiced Christmas Cookies


These are one of the most liked cookies in my family (and in-law family and friends). Very fun to make, also with kids, because of all the cutting out! Another plus: they go real fast!

Check out the recipe

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Vanillekipferl – Vanilla Crescents (German Christmas Cookies)


These are really yummy Christmas cookies (originally from Austria, I think). The traditionally crescent-shaped cookies have a great almond taste and just melt in your mouth. Mmhhhh!

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Coconut Macaroons (Christmas Cookies)


Here is the third Christmas cookie recipe. It’s a good idea to make these at the same time as the «love dimples», because of the amount of egg whites you need (to not waste anything). They make a nice mix in the cookie bowl.

Check out the recipe

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Liebesgrübchen or «love dimples» (German Christmas Cookies)


Number two of my all-time favorite Christmas cookies, also because I just think the name is so adorable: the translation of the cookie name is «love dimples», but I think you call them thumbprint cookies in English. Another family recipe…

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Heidesand – German browned butter Shortbread cookies (German Christmas Cookies)


Slowly but steadily I am getting in the mood for the holiday festive season. Not sure why, but every single year, there is so much to do before Christmas before you can actually enjoy all the Christmas goodies that come along with it. To get you prepared, I will post one traditional (at least in my family) German Christmas cookie recipe the next few days. Hope you like them! This first recipe is from my lovely mother-in-law! And the approximate translation of the cookie name is «heath sand». They are traditional German browned butter Shortbread cookies and are just mouth-watering delicious.

Check out the recipe

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Lemon-Spinach-Risotto with Mascarpone


My love to lemon is similar to my love to avocados (maybe you have noticed the cookies and cake I have posted) . Here is one of my favorite risotto recipes. Did you know that risotto originates from Northern Italy?

Check out the recipe

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