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September 2017

Pumpkin Risotto


Yay!! It’s this time of the year again and pumpkins are around allover! It’s so great that you can use them for all sorts of recipes – from pumpkin pie, pumkin soup or for a delicious pumpkin risotto! It’s a very nice addition to a drumstick or just by itself.

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Tagliatelle with Chanterelle Mushrooms


These crazy looking mushrooms are just delicious. I have to admit – a little annoying to prepare, as you have to clean them quite a bit. Best is to brush them to remove any soil rests or, if you prepare them directly, I sneakily used water and patted them dry straight away. The problem with water is, that the mushrooms suck it up…

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Oven-Roasted Vegetable Casserole


Preparing food for a bunch of people is always a little tricky. With this beautiful looking casserole, you manage to do 2 in 1, by just stacking all of the veggies. Really like this as an alternative to oven-roasted veggies that you do on a baking tray. It’s great for a BBQ outside with lots of friends, as you can prepare in advance and don’t need to remain in the kitchen until everything is ready! OR just as a side dish to a piece of meat for dinner with the family.

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Mango Mozzarella Salad


A dear friend once showed me this very simple  but mouthwatering salad. With me having an obsession with mangos at the moment (or always), it’s a super fit. You can also add pomegranate seeds or avocado – whatever suits your taste buds on that day. But the pure original version is my absolute favorite. Perfect all year round, but especially in summer.

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Cinnamon Cream Cake


This is pure delight and worth every calorie it has!! And the biggest plus about it? It’s super simple to make! Just mix together all the ingredients and pour into the baking tin. And that was it! Did I promise too much? Give it a try!

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