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February 2016



Thanks girls, for going down memory lane and asking for the recipe of my typical «student dinner» (which is quite some time ago – haha!). A dear friend cooked this dinner for me years ago and I adapted it to what I still remembered. It’s a perfect dish for a weekday dinner that is super easy to prepare. And with the tuna and capers that don’t have fast expiration dates, ideal to store for emergencies and to prepare when you want to have a quick & easy dinner, without having to shop for ingredients!

See the recipe here: Continue reading “Tuna-Capers-Pasta”

Italian Bolognese Sauce

A few weeks ago I teased you guys with an upcoming recipe for the best (at least in my eyes) Bolognese sauce. The special trick is the lemon. It gives the sauce a very fresh taste and is just to die for.
See the recipe here:

Best Banana Bread


This brings up quite a lot of childhood memories…! My mother used to bake Banana Bread and the whole family would love it, spreading Nutella on the freshly baked, still warm, Banana Bread! This time I baked the Banana Bread and served it for Brunch, of course not forgetting to buy a glass of Nutella!

See the recipe here: Continue reading “Best Banana Bread”

Valentine’s Day Heart Butter Cookies


Are you ready to surprise your loved ones on Valentine’s Day? Why not give this super easy cookie recipe a try. And don’t forget: The way to a man’s (or woman’s) heart is through his stomach!

See the recipe here:

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