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Rhubarb Razzmatazz: 3 Pink Spring Drinks


A pink drink is always a good idea. And with rhubarb around everywhere, it is just a must to give these 2 cocktails or this 1 mocktail a try! Plus, you can «re-use» the rhubarb purée for a delicious dessert on top! Stay tuned for the recipe!

A wise man once said: if you really want to know if a drink is a good one, check if it tastes as an alcohol-free drink and then you have the answer. Cheers!

The drinks are also featured on the Blog Drinks & Style. Check it out and find some more inspiration…

See how to make these beautiful pink drinks here:

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Italian Ricotta Cookies


Two weeks ago, a very close friend gave birth to her second son. Of course us girls went to visit her! And what better present can you bring than a box of homemade cookies to enjoy and chit chat over! You don’t need the pearls on top, but they just looked nice!

See the recipe here:

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Sugared Cranberries


I stumbled over this recipe and just loved the look of these beautiful red berries, covered in sugar, making them look all wintery! Plus after trying them, I can proudly say they are as tasty as they look! By the way, got these super beautiful Le Creuset heart-shaped baking forms from lovely friends for Christmas! Thanks again – love them!!

Check out the recipe

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Apple-Roses Tart


A beautiful tart for a special occasion (or just like that)! I however have to admit, that it does take a little patience to get it ready, but the result is a very delicious and very ‘pretty’ dessert.

Check out the recipe

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Lots and lots of lavender wands

Lavender Wands

I’ve been very hard-working during my (unfortunately very short) summer vacation this year and have done lots and lots of weaving. See the result in the picture! I now have a pastel-color-palette of the lavender wands – in lilac, rosé, mint green, apricot and cream. Any color you’d like to see? Will have to add that into the mix for next year – suggestions welcome! Which one do you like best? And if you’d like to buy one (or more), just drop me a line.

Blog adventure


So, this is my first try at blogging, so bear with me, if some things are not yet going that smoothly!

Lavender wands


Lavender wands or “coeur de lavande” are hand made out of fresh lavender, carefully weaving the stems with satin ribbons. They keep their lovely smell for years and if it should fade at some point, can easily be “reanimated” by carefully squeezing the bloom. Apparently they were once part of women’s dowry, but today, they are just beautiful decoration. You can add them to your laundry to keep away moths, decorate gifts or presents or just lay them in your home as decoration. I make these myself and if you are interested to purchase one (or more), just contact me!

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