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November 2016

Thanksgiving Cranberry Celery Salad


This wonderful fruity and light salad is from a former American colleague of mine. I remember being invited over to a Thanksgiving dinner and she had prepared this salad next to a variety of delicious other things. What I really like about this salad is, that it is something fresh next to all the delicious offerings on the Thanksgiving table. Plus it is super simple to prepare. I have to admit, I just combined everything from scratch that I still remembered, so I hope I got the recipe halfway right. But the result was delicious in any case! Continue reading “Thanksgiving Cranberry Celery Salad”

Pumpkin & Buttermilk Cake with Frosting


It’s nearly time for Thanksgiving and in the spirit of everyone bringing something, this is an ideal cake. I baked it a day prior to eating it, only preparing the frosting on the day itself and the cake was a delight! Super nice and moist.

Little tip on the side: If you have leftover pumpkin purée, just add a little broth and you have a wonderful soup! Continue reading “Pumpkin & Buttermilk Cake with Frosting”

Autumn Lambs Lettuce with Pomegranate Seeds, Avocado & Honey-Mustard-Marinated Chicken


Something healthy between all of the wonderful cake recipes from the past. It’s simple, easy and a great combination for a nutritious dinner (or lunch) salad. Continue reading “Autumn Lambs Lettuce with Pomegranate Seeds, Avocado & Honey-Mustard-Marinated Chicken”

Pre-Advent Cinnamon & Dates Tart


The air outside is getting colder and the lust for some me-time (or friends time) in the afternoon with a comforting cup of tea or coffee is also getting bigger. At least for me. This tart is a nice alternative to a heavy cake, as the dates give lots of sweetness, but doesn’t really leave you with a bad conscience… Continue reading “Pre-Advent Cinnamon & Dates Tart”

Apple-Sauce & Yoghurt Bundt Cake


Oh my!! This cake is a real find. Super juicy and absolutely delicious. It matches the colder season with the apple sauce (where you could of course even prepare your own and not use a bought version) and with the hint of cinnamon, it slowly accompanies you into the autumn season. Continue reading “Apple-Sauce & Yoghurt Bundt Cake”

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