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Spinach, Artichoke and Chicken in Coconut Milk with Rice

Always on the lookout for new everyday dishes that don’t require endless time to prepare, this is once again ideal. Loving artichoke hearts and baby spinach and in combination with the coconut milk just gives the extra something. I am sure this dish is also great with quinoa or Couscous or even Asian Udon noodles. Let me know if you try it out!!

See what you need to prepare here:

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Mango Mozzarella Salad


A dear friend once showed me this very simple  but mouthwatering salad. With me having an obsession with mangos at the moment (or always), it’s a super fit. You can also add pomegranate seeds or avocado – whatever suits your taste buds on that day. But the pure original version is my absolute favorite. Perfect all year round, but especially in summer.

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Fish with cooked Iceberg Lettuce


Quite some time ago, on a hens weekend to be exact, we attended a Viennese cooking class in Hamburg, Germany. We made a really delicious dish, cooking salad in a pan. It’s low carb and a perfect healthy (weekday) dinner in combination with a white fish.

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Lemon Basil Butter


When BBQ-ing, you always need sauces and dips for the meat as well as the corn-on-the-cobs. Try this very easy homemade butter which only needs 3 ingredients – well and salt and pepper!

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Easy Cajun Drumsticks, Sweet Potatoes & Avocado


For this recipe I combined a variety of spices, adapting the recipe from a German cooking magazine. My trick – use the same spice mixture and spice fish or vegetables with it!
The good thing about this recipe is, that it mainly cooks for you and you can prepare the rest – or watch the match, while cooking for a bunch of hungry friends, while still being able to watch the game yourself!

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White Asparagus with Avocado & Parmesan with Vinaigrette Sauce


Spring time is asparagus time. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland white asparagus is a big thing during April to June. The white asparagus is actually no different to the green one. The easy explanation is: it’s the same plant, however the white one is grown under soil and the green one is exposed to sun light straight away and receives its green color (chlorophyll / photosynthesis). In any case: A delicious and light dinner.

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Zucchini with Mint & Basil Pesto and Halloumi


Have you ever tried halloumi cheese? It origins from Greece and has a fairly hard substance and is slightly squeaky when you eat it. It really tastes great on the BBQ too, by the way, keeping that in mind for summer time! But it is also great year around, combined with zucchini today!

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Aubergine (Eggplant) with Buttermilk & Yoghurt Sauce


Finally Spring is on its way and you want your food lighter than in winter. So here is a vegetarian recipe (but you can combine with fish or meat – see side note below). It’s perfect as a starter (for 4) or a light dinner (for 2). The color combination caught my eye directly and the taste is great. Hope you like it!

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Poppy-Seed Grapefruit Cake


Not quite sure what caught my eye, but I am guessing it was the poppy seeds, when I stumbled over this recipe. Its fairly simple to make and with the Grapefruit it really is nice and fresh! I didn’t use up all the batter for the cake and made mini bundt cakes on top, to snack in between!

Here is the recipe:

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