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January 2017

Caramelized Grapes & Goat Cheese Crostinis


Are you also always on the lookout for delicious, fairly easy and good aperitif recipes? Give this a try! Very versatile and a great taste explosion in your mouth. Enjoy!

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White Almond Tart with Pears (gluten-free)


Not sure what to cook for dessert for your next dinner or just looking for an inspiration for a cake/tart along your coffee or tea? This is a very simple and yet absolutely delicious recipe. Plus the good thing is, that you can even prepare the cake bottom a day before actually serving the cake. That leaves you time on the day. And it’s gluten-free!!

See the recipe here:

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Pomegranate & Blueberry Pavlova


It’s snowy outside, all looks super beautiful and what better can there be to bring the snowy feeling inside. With this beautiful Pavlova, actually a very simple dessert recipe, it just takes a little patience and lots of careful handling with the meringues!

See how to prepare here: Continue reading “Pomegranate & Blueberry Pavlova”

Leftover Raclette Casserole


A very popular and typical dish for new year’s eve is Raclette (at least in Switzerland and Germany). And as a good host, of course you want to have enough food, so you have to think what to do with the leftovers. And what better to do than to make an easy leftover casserole! Just add any ingredients you might still have, top with the leftover Raclette cheese and let the oven do the rest! Continue reading “Leftover Raclette Casserole”

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