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Walnut Pie

Thanksgiving has already passed by, but this walnut pie is something that makes my heart jump as a dessert throughout autumn and winter time. It’s fairly simple to prepare and an absolute delight in combination with vanilla ice cream!!

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Spekulatius Cake (Spiced Cookie Cake) with Maple Syrup Glaze

Time is flying by at the moment. It’s crazy. Only a few weeks left until it’s Christmas. Not sure how  you feel, but as of November I can live with all the Christmas cookies and other festive things in supermarkets all around. And speaking about cookies – this cake is made of spiced cookies called “Spekulatius” that are very commen during the Christmas season.

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Cinnamon Tart

The usually gloomy November month has started, but has served us with a few nice sunny autumn days so far. But it gets dark earlier now and how better can you enjoy that with cake and a cup of hot cocoa, coffee or tea?! And this slightly spicy tart is ideal to also warm you from inside!

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Quick Apple Cake

Quick and easy: This Apple Cake is a delicious variation to other apples cakes. It gives a bit of a feeling of a nice and thick pancake! I really like it and perfect to give the apple season a little variation.

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Easy Fig Tart

Super easy and really quick to make! And figs are always so beautiful to combine with their red-dotty pulp! The first time I prepared this tart, I used too little sugar, so I added a second tablespoon and that should give it a perfect sweetness!

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Gooseberry Crumble

Yay – it’s gooseberry time! And what better can you have than if they grow in your backyard? And that’s why I made a great gooseberry cumble. Unfortunately we didn’t have too many left (we need to save them from the birds), but here is the recipe for a proper crumble for a few people.

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Currant Muffins

Currants are such a delicious and beautiful looking berry. These muffins are simple to make and just look super nice with the little red dots. We have some growing in the garden, but they weren’t quite ripe just yet, so I used bought ones! But yummy scrummy in any case!

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Lemon & Mascarpone Cake

It’s cake time! But you want a fresh alternative, with the temperatures rising and slowly but steadily turning into Spring / Summer time! This is an ideal cake that is moist and stays fresh for a few days. I really like it a lot!

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Easy Cherry Cake

Easter is around the corner and you always need a backup plan if relatives or friends come by unannounced (or announced and you forgot to prepare for that). This easy cherry cake is super quick to make and except for the eggs, you should have everything in the house…

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