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December 2016

Zucchini with Minced Meat & Feta


This is an absolutely perfect recipe, when you are in a hurry and/or super hungry and have no time to cook. Or just when you feel like it! A Greek friend of mine showed me a version of this and I fell in love with the taste straight away. Continue reading “Zucchini with Minced Meat & Feta”

Magic Lemon Cake


This is really a find. A cake that is super simple and really special – magic! It has a slight taste like a quark-cheese-cake (not the American style), but fluffy, juicy and just delicious. One of my favorites already…

See how to prepare here: Continue reading “Magic Lemon Cake”

Mailänderli Butter Cookies (Swiss Christmas Cookies)


As mentioned, I wanted to bring in some variety in my cookie assortment this year, so here goes the second Swiss Christmas cookie recipe, perfect to prepare with kids (I did so with my godchild), as you can decorate the cookies with sprinkles etc.!

Alternatively, just leave them plain, add a plain peeled almond or use a icing sugar-fresh lemon juice mixture to garnish the cookies. Continue reading “Mailänderli Butter Cookies (Swiss Christmas Cookies)”

Basler Brunsli Chocolate Almond Cookies (Swiss Christmas Cookies)


This year I wanted to try some new Christmas cookies and living in Switzerland, baking some typical Swiss cookies was self-evident! These have evolved to my assortment of absolute favorite cookies and as of now will be baked every year! They also go really well with ice cream or a semifreddo… Continue reading “Basler Brunsli Chocolate Almond Cookies (Swiss Christmas Cookies)”

Chickpea-Avocado-Burgers with Mint-Yoghurt


Next to all the lovely Advent and Christmas seductions, here is a healthy, quick and simple recipe. I more of less reused the yoghurt sauce that I already posted in a different recipe, but just thought it would match nicely. This recipe is surely also great in summer time. Continue reading “Chickpea-Avocado-Burgers with Mint-Yoghurt”

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