I have to admit it: I am an absolute ice-cream addict and when anyone says they can only eat one scoop, the only thing I feel is pure astonishment. The only reason I (very rarely) only order one scoop is to not feel like the greedy little piggy. Anyway, if you visit Tuscany, you need to urgently visit Viareggio. Not only is this a very interesting ship manufacture town, where (I am guessing) Berlusconi lets his private yacht be created. You NEED to go to the absolute delicious ice-cream parlor called “Cremeria Emma” (Via Euro Menini, 8, 55049 Viareggio LU, Italy). It is a pure delight and I can never choose which of the many flavors I want to eat. So I usually order an extra take-away bucket to take home. Yummy scrummy!!! But one of my favorites is “Pinoli” – pine nut.