Prettaly_ItalianTricoloreSandwichWarm, cheese melted sandwiches are always a good idea. And with loving Italy, I needed to use the Italian colors and prepare this Tricolore Sandwich. Just love the colors and the taste. Perfect for a weekday dinner!

See the recipe here:

Ingredients for 2 sandwiches
4 large slices of white bread (or any that you have)
1 can of crushed tomatoes (you might have some extra to dip)
1 ½ balls of mozzarella cheese (in slices)
8 large basil leaves
Butter to spread on the bread
1 flat tablespoon brown sugar
Salt & pepper

In a pot, heat the crushed tomatoes with the sugar, salt and pepper. Spread butter on all 4 slices of bread and lay 2 of the slices into a pre-heated saucepan with the butter side down (yes, down!).


Lay the sliced mozzarella onto the 2 bread halves in the pan, then carefully spread the tomato mix onto the mozzarella cheese and layer the basil leaves on top.


Last but not least, close the sandwich with the other half of the bread, again the butter side on top. Once the first bread half is nice and golden brown, flip the whole sandwich to the other side. After a few minutes also this side will be golden brown. Lower the heat, so the mozzarella can melt. Tada – your Tricolore Sandwich is ready to eat!