Quite some time ago, on a hens weekend to be exact, we attended a Viennese cooking class in Hamburg, Germany. We made a really delicious dish, cooking salad in a pan. It’s low carb and a perfect healthy (weekday) dinner in combination with a white fish.

Here is the easy recipe:

Ingredients for 2 as a main course
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 iceberg lettuce
2 fish fillets (approx. 150-200g per person – I used Patagonian Toothfish)
2-3 teaspoons mustard seeds (alternatively use «moutarde à l’ancienne» mustard instead and reduce the amount of Dijon mustard)
2 teaspoons liquid (thyme) honey
3 teaspoons Dijon mustard
Salt & pepper

Soak the mustard seeds with hot water for approx. 30-45 minutes.

Heat a medium-sized saucepan and sauté the fish fillets (the Patagonian Toothfish does not need any oil in the pan) carefully from all sides – reduce heat over time. This takes approx. 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, take the iceberg lettuce, peel off the top layer(s) and cut in rather big squares. Heat a larger saucepan with the olive oil and shortly cook the lettuce until it falls together slightly, but remaining al dente.

Strain the mustard seeds and mix together the Dijon mustard and honey. Shortly before serving, pour the sauce over the cooked lettuce and top with the fish.