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Pumpkin Seed Cream Cheese Spread


I first got to know this absolutely delicious spread during a dinner of a very good Austrian friend of mine. She served this as an appetizer everyone adored it! It’s typical in the «Steiermark» region of Austria.

By the way – should you have any left, it’s a perfect addition to the breakfast or brunch table! Or just prepare half of the amount for a smaller portion, just for the family.

Find the easy recipe here:

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Homemade Sweet Potato Oven-Chips


When you invite a few guests it’s always really nice to have something homemade and special as an aperitif. These chips are very simple and easy to prepare, even a day or two prior to the invitation. What really struck me, was the fact that the sweet potato slices shrunk in size quite a bit! But delicious in any way…

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Caramelized Grapes & Goat Cheese Crostinis


Are you also always on the lookout for delicious, fairly easy and good aperitif recipes? Give this a try! Very versatile and a great taste explosion in your mouth. Enjoy!

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