Hello hello! Remember I mentioned that really cute bar (Osteria Zampieri la Mandorla) in Verona, prior to going to the opera? Well – I was there again this September and enjoyed a few (!) Aperol Spritz before going to see Verdi’s Nabucco (loved it!)! I took a few pictures this time to give you a better idea of how the bar looks inside. This year round, it really started raining cats & dogs in the evening and we weren’t sure if we could go see the opera, but just in time it stopped raining. We were more or less the last ones to go into the arena and I think the only ones that were not soaking wet! The opera experience was just overwhelming once again (I’ve been visiting Verona for the past 5 years!). Especially listing to the “Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves” gives you goose bumps – so beautiful!