The perfectly refreshing summer starter for warm days. The fresh mint and lemon give this dish a wonderful lightness.

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Ingredients for 6
Recipe by Isa
4-6 thin/small sized zucchinis
1 pack (200g) of feta cheese
3-4 lemons
50g pine nuts
1 bunch of fresh peppermint
pepper & salt

Wash the zucchini and strip with a potato peeler in thin slices! That is why you need small/thin zucchinis. Squeeze the lemons, cut the fresh mint leaves and add both over the zucchini and season slightly with salt and pepper (don’t add too much, as the feta cheese is fairly salty). Then crumble the feta cheese over the zucchini. Last but not least, roast the pine nuts in a pan. Serve the pine nuts seperately, so they don’t get soggy. Enjoy!