Very easy and very delicious appetizer, starter or addition to a salad. Can be enjoyed any time of the year! And yes, you are right – pine nuts and feta in a recipe after each other – but hey, I love the combination!

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Ingredients for about 20 rolls
1 pack of filo pastry dough (approx. 120g)
250g of feta (one pack)
50g pine nuts
2 tablespoons of yoghurt
2-3 teaspoons of liquid honey
1 teaspoon fresh thyme

Preheat the oven to 200°C. Roast the pine nuts in a pan (careful – keep an eye on them, they burn really quickly). Finely chop the fresh thyme. Crumble the feta into a bowl, add the yoghurt, honey, thyme, pepper and the pine nuts and mix well. Quarter the filo pastry dough and add some of the mixture onto it, carefully fold the sides and roll up to a roll 🙂 Bake 6-8 minutes until they are a nice golden brown. Serve on a nice wooden cutting board or place with fresh thyme leaves as garnishment.