Yummy, yummier, yummiest. This weekend I went to a gourmet fair called gourmesse in Zurich, Switzerland. Next to delicious chocolate, wine, bread, vegan and pasta stands (and lots more), there was also an Italian stand that presented their tartufi – small chocolate truffles. The colorful packaging directly caught my eye and made me stop. The company is called Tartuflanghe and was the world’s first to reinterpret the traditional 14g praline size to an adorable 7g mini format in 2007 and as of this year the truffle has a new packaging and its own name: Trifulòt.
My absolute favorite flavor is Pistacchio – made of Sicilian pistachios that are only harvested every 2 years, making them super special. The result is a sweet taste, mixed with a tiny tang of salt. Absolutely delumcious (if you are wondering what that word means – a combo of delicious and scrumptious, a word we used as kids that probably only English kids would know)! These goodies are available at Jelmoli in Switzerland. And they have 3 flavors as limited edition: Rose (loved this one!), Saffron and Cardamom.