The taste and smell of coconut always reminds me of vacation. Somewhere a little exotic…not sure about you, but if we travel anywhere, where you can get a fresh coconut to drink, I’m the first to grab it! Super refreshing and just mind-blowing delicious!
So why not combine this summer feeling with one of my favorite comfort foods?
So this was a try and I just adore it! Hope you like it too!

See how to prepare here:

Ingredients for approx. 4
250ml coconut milk
500ml milk
250ml water
Sugar to taste – I used approx. 2 tablespoons
220g rice pudding rice (e.g. Originario or Carnaroli)
1 pinch of salt
2 tablespoons desiccated coconut

In a pot, heat the liquids above until they boil. Remove from heat and stir in the rice and desiccated coconut. Place back on the heat but reduce until it simmers. Keep stirring for approx. 20-30 minutes until the rice is ready. Add sugar and serve immediately.
A great combination for coconut rice pudding is fresh mango, berries or apple sauce. But I also really like to eat the coconut rice pudding plain without any toppings.

Variation: you can of course also add lemon or lime zest to add a little freshness.