Another lovely walk down memory lane…as children (and up to today) I adore German pancakes – they are a little different from the American version (which are much more fluffy) and also different to the French crepes, which are super thin.

You can prepare them sweet and salty – for example with a little cheese inside and / or ham. Or for the sweet version with apple sauce, a mix of cinnamon and sugar, Nutella, marmalade or my favorite with butter and sugar on top! Yum!!

See how to prepare here:

Ingredients for approx. 12 pancakes
300g flour
4 eggs
750ml milk
50ml sparkling water (optional)
1 pinch of salt
Butter to fry

Mix together eggs and milk until fluffy. Then add flour and salt until well mixed and no clumps left. Let sit for 5-10 minutes, then pour the sparkling water (it makes the pancakes fluffy) to the mix.

Heat a pan on medium heat with butter and add a larger scoop of dough into the pan. Once little bubbles appear on the top, the bottom side is ready and you can flip the pancake around. Let both sides turn golden brown.

Tip on the side: If you want to have a salty version with cheese, then have the pancake ready and add grated cheese (e.g. Emmentaler or Gouda) with salt and pepper on half of the pancake and then just flip the other half on top and let the cheese melt slightly. Tada!