…or Mac & Cheese for grownups! I am the biggist Mac & Cheese fan and this little twist with the Gruyère cheese is delicious. It really is comfort food for me and in times where you just need that “food hug” it’s just great to make.

See how to prepare them here:

Ingredients for 4
For the sauce:
300g Gruyère cheese, grated (bought or made yourself)
200ml liquid cream
Approx. 100ml (or more) pasta water
Salt & pepper

Additional ingredients:
400-500g pasta

Prepare the pasta according to the pack.

Meanwhile heat the cream in a pan, add the pasta water and cheese, then mix. Drain the pasta, but keep additional pasta water. Pour the cream mixture over the drained pasta and mix well. If it’s too sticky, add more of the pasta water.

Serve with fresh pepper on top.