One of the best things about summer are all the fresh berries. In our little backyard we have a blackberry bush or more like hedge. The berries are absolutley delicious, a delight just eating while picking. Luckily there is enough to still make marmelade and yummy desserts. So here goes!

Here is the recipe:

250g Masrcarpone cream
250g (Greek) plain unsweetened yoghurt
100ml liquid cream (whipped)
1 pack vanilla sugar (approx. 8g)
150g blueberries
150g blackberries
Optional: Add sugar, if you prefer sweeter

Mix together mascarpone and yoghurt and vanilla sugar . Then whip the cream and carefully fold into the mixture.

Wash blackberries and blueberries, pat them dry and spread on top of the cream. Serve in a large bowl which looks especially pretty.