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Pasta with Pesto Rosso

Pasta is just one of the best inventions ever. Just plain with butter and parmesan cheese or with all the variations of sauces that are possible. This Pesto Rosso is a very nice alternative to the typical “normal” pesto Genovese. It’s great as a dip with some crackers or grissini, as well as on pasta. Simple to make and ideal to store for a few days in the fridge.

See how to prepare here:

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Prosciutto, Mozzarella & Sun-dried Tomato Appetizer Skewers

I am a great fan of mozzarella, tomato and basil (and avocado ideally), but wanted to prepare something a little different as an appetizer. Instead of fresh tomatoes I used sun-dried ones and added a slice of prosciutto last. A great taste explosion in your mouth, easy to prepare and just delicious. Give it a try!

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Arancini Style Leftover Risotto Balls

Sometime I prepare a little too much Risotto and then I of course keep the leftovers. But the Risotto never tastes as good on the next day. So what should you do with the leftover Risotto? I have the solution: Risotto balls! Easy to make and very delicious!

See how to prepare them here:

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Scallop, Lime & Prosecco Risotto

When I was younger, I never really understood, why one would like Risotto. And then I tried to prepare one myself (my Lemon Risotto to be exact) and since then, I am one of the biggest Risotto fans. However I have to admit, I only like them, when they are creamy! This Lime & Scallop version really is great! What do you think of it?

Check out the recipe here:

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Pasta Carbonara

I just A D O R E a great Carbonara sauce. I know, I know, you are thinking – it’s sooo many calories. But you know what, I prefer taking a few more steps instead of using an elevator or take an additional walk, just to compensate those bad little calories…! You should try yourself!

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Tuscan Lemon Chicken

Oh how I love vacation. That always means time to try out new recipes and last time we were at my inlaws place again and prepared this absolutely delicious Lemon Chicken. Once again a quite simple recipe and more or less only one baking tray to prepare all at the same time!

Give it a try – see how to make here:

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Caprese Salad with Oven-Roasted Aubergines

A delicious variation of the classical Italian Caprese – tomato, mozzarella, fresh basil leaves – Salad: with oven-baked Aubergines! It gives the whole salad a great additional flavor. A must-try!!

See what you need to prepare here:

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Pasta with Salsiccia Prociutella & Dried Tomatoes

We were in beautiful Italy a last week and in a small restaurant in Camaiore I was introduced to ‘Salsissia Prociutella’ – a funny sausage that was prepared in a pasta sauce. I immediately fell in love and prepared my own version at home…in memory of our vacation!

See how to make here:

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Ricotta-Spinach-Gnocchi with Lemon & Olive Oil Dressing

A very close friend and I made these funny little doughy dumplings lately. Fairly quick and fun to make and you have the healthy bit – the spinach – included already. But instead of making the gnocchi with potatoes the traditional way, we prepared them with ricotta! The lemon dressing is delicious and gives the gnocchi a very fresh and light flavor.

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